Our story so far

The creation of Shenzhen Qianhai LIVALL IoT Technology Co., Ltd, was triggered by a riding accident. The LIVALL co-founder & CTO, Yong (Ken) Liu, fell off his bike and broke his arm. The accident led him to recognize the demand for a smart helmet that merged safety with tech functionalities. The LIVALL co-founder & CEO Bo (Brian) Zheng shared the same idea about the modern cyclist’s need for a smart helmet. They decided to establish LIVALL Company to bring the conceiving smart helmets to life.

LIVALL is not just our product’s brand name, it’s also our team’s spirit. We want to engage together to create something different, innovative and useful, and to make people live a better life all together. LIVe and ALL, LIVALL.

Brian majored in Scientific and Technological Information and Management from Wuhan University (China) and an MBA from Massey University (New Zealand). He has broad management experience and is good at developing marketing strategies, especially when it comes to innovative products that are new to the market. As a founder of SWT Holdings Co., Ltd. he found new business opportunities and broke sales records before. And now, with his enthusiastic character and his love for cycling, he’s eager to share the joy of cycling with the rest of the world.


Remember the guy we mentioned earlier, who fell off his bike and broke his arm? That’s our founder and CTO Ken. Ken is an extreme sports fan, a technology geek, and above all an incredible engineer. He has a major in Radio Technology from Chongqing University (China) and an MBA from Hong Kong Baptist University. Ken has been an internet entrepreneur for over 10 years, and was the co-founder and CTO of AVLIGHT acoustics. Ken is good at fore sighting technological developments and transforming them into usable products. Combining sport and technology makes this geek most happy.

A shared hobby unites us here at Shenzhen Qianhai LIVALL IOT Technology Co., Ltd. Our team members are not only experts in their field and passionate about their work, we are all sports fans and cycling enthusiasts.

We focus on the R&D and operation of smart riding equipment, and aim to create a safer and more enjoyable riding experience, for you and for ourselves. The management team has an out-of-the-box thinking style, rich operating experience, a wide network, professional knowledge and deep love for their work, which enables the team to develop rapidly.

We wish the LIVALL Riding Devices can bring you as much JOY as they brought us. We hope we can spread LIVALL’s idea all over the world.

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